It is time to get creative & take fresh action. We will not rely on councils & government to sort everything, but we are in this together. My vision is to be an interface between the powerful many, & the various government forms that are in our day to day.
To increase our wellbeing in the South, I believe in empowering the public to take action.
Ordinary people can do extraordinary work. 

• Do
• Get something done
• Believing in and actively going for the good stuff…

ACTION: This is about getting jobs done.

[ Positive Action: Reach out and bring a vision together ]

There are all kinds of possibilities

We must start by believing

Figure out what we really want; deep inside your hearts

Visualise the possibilities

Disregard limited thinking

Investigate & plan ideas

Talk to knowledgable people

Ask for advice on how things can be done

Then go for our best ideas