Generational Wealth

I am writing in response to recent media around the proposed Hawthorndale Care Village in Invercargill; encouraging ‘interest in progressive ideas’ in Southland. This kind of positivity & vibrant approach is much appreciated! 

For Invercargill to move forward, a truly intelligent scrutiny is essential. As we take on new projects, Southlanders will need wisdom, well-grounded research, and to look closely at agreements being made.

‘Broadening our provincial economy’ is an outstanding goal. I foresee Southland developing truly innovative new services – including small scale manufacturing businesses, technology companies and smart building solutions that our district needs.

Developments such as the Hawthorndale Care Village could solve strong needs for our city. But I advise that the public ensures that they understand the terms and conditions behind this kind of investment, and the implications for Southland’s future economy.

Specifically, we must ensure that generations of Invercargill family wealth are wisely invested – not slipping through the hands of our vulnerable elderly into contractual lease agreements and paid care services.

As a city we must ensure that there are options for housing and care for senior citizens that can be owned outright, have true value in real estate markets, and that money can be passed on to upcoming generations.

The Invercargill City Council should strongly support and advocate for small building developments on existing properties. Our Council must increase their ability to provide advice and resources to the public for building privately owned developments; where families can live with and support each other.