Invercargill, New Zealand’s Southernmost Eco City

Let’s build the world’s first shopping centre with a Tautarium, and action a rebuild that is done as a “greening of the region” initiative, utilising New Zealand products – including local renewable tree resources, local construction companies and workers as much as possible. We can entice the interest / commercial justification for capital investment in wood component production, and strengthen other manufacturing enterprises in Southland.

With an eco focused / compatible design approach, Invercargill city will take a leadership role in sustainable urban renewal, and rebrand itself as New Zealand’s most forward thinking and innovative city. Let’s make bold, and economically intelligent moves. Let’s show the values of Southlanders & attract suitable interest for city centre services. With the exhibition and implementation of a range of environmental practices in the development, we will be showing the values of our local government, commercial stakeholders / businesses.

Spearheading an Eco CBD build creates a strong place marketing attractant, to draw additional visitors/tourists. Boldly presenting ourselves with a clean, green image makes the city more attractive to new permanent residents, especially friendly and natural people who will compliment our existing communities. Green design complements Invercargill’s and greater Southland natural environment. We offer a relaxed, family friendly outdoor lifestyle, surrounded by scenic attractions and this should be evident when visiting the city centre.


Southland provides primary food products and scenic wonders. This complex should be our hub, as well as a general commercial / retailing precinct so that we maximize our profile / marketing potential. Naturally lit arcade areas, native trees, shrubs, flora & fauna, water elements, such as  ponds, vertical gardens, and running water. Maori design elements / motifs on exterior and interior surfaces in the form of intricate meaningful designs including flax references with speak volumes.

We want a city centre that reflects our primary industries, our native environment, prosperous farmlands, forestry, horticulture and seafood. It is time for our region’s identity to shine; cultivating living, fun and professional living. It is time to give our young architects, landscape designers, culinary services providers, product designers, other settlers in Invercargill/ Southland the open opportunity to exhibit their vision for the city.