Purpose Built Inner City Redevelopments

Let’s build a shopping centre that represents Invercargill & Southland as a cultural symbol & brand​..​

Retail shopping in the traditional form of shopping is on the decline.

Is it responsible for Invercargill City to spend such a large sum relying on the rent of traditional retail tenants?

Even the community and even consultants brought in believe that the current Block city centre development is bland and irrelevant for the age we are in.

In the early days of the City’s consultation with urban designers, alternative options were put forward. Now is a good time to visit these options. The options suggested included more outdoor space, more inner city residential apartment space and more compact retail space.

Let’s aim to erect purpose built spaces that have guaranteed usefulness for our people. This can then be added onto and funded, as demand requires. We could end up with an eclectic and meandering gathering of inner city buildings that ultimately create a diverse and interesting inner city space. Developers rather than Invercargill city ratepayers can fund core building developments. This will allow room for boutique retail, eateries, low-rise apartments and office spaces with connecting undercover walkways.

Project momentum has resulted in the destruction and demolition of our current ‘Block’, and the consensus is ‘that something must be done’. However the City is being asked to commit a huge percentage of the development costs and therefore has a right to have ‘it’s say’. It does not have to adhere to the original plan and does have the ability to be fluid. In the interest of all Invercargill people, I put it to you that we build an inner city that meets both the current and future needs of Invercargill and adapts to the marvelous opportunity given to us by Scott O’Donnell and HWR and makes it truly our own!

‘The Block’ inner-city rebuild is pivotal / crucial urban design work, which is significantly redefining the appearance / functioning of central Invercargill’s physical landscape, commercial / economic fortunes and place branding / destination marketing.

In considering Invercargill, greater New Zealand and the globe’s financial situation, we must take stock now to bring in fresh creative input from a range of design sources, rather than only one selected source. It is time to value creative contributions numerous other sources.