Building Week INVITATION

Bring your ideas into reality

November 9th-17th


You are welcome to come to building week November 9-17th 2022

You will learn to:

    • Expand your faith & gain spiritual insight
    • Bring your ideas to reality using design thinking
    • Use what you have to create what you need
    • Stand up a ‘Small Building’ from scratch; to build a floor, walls, make it waterproof, install windows, & to build a roof.

This is an innovative project

Take time out from your existing schedule.
Come to Building Week & learn how to create what you need.
This is a fantastic opportunity for us to respond with a resilient way forward & to the changing times that we are heading into..

You can add small buildings to an existing setup, or you can go & create something in a new space.

Small Buildings are the future!
You are most welcome to Building Week..