Commentary on Priorities for 2022 Local Body Election

A lot of discussion has been coming up about the role of councillors & a mayor. Many are questioning their capacity to do the right thing, make change, policies, the value of experience on council [being inside the system already vs fresh perspective\insight\creative approaches].

Threads on social media seem to repeatedly raise concerns about democracy, voting, who does the work, & the authority of councillors & a mayor. Some have gone as far as saying that councillors should be removed [this thought seems to align with ‘the news’]. Discussions on social media are taking place about government & their interaction with local councils – asset reallocation & liberal strategies managed by overarching bodies (For example: 3 Waters & Polytechnic mergers).
I say that what the South needs is a new localised collaborative feel, brought by the local people. We need our own people making decisions, improved vibes, fun, freedom & locally driven shifts in the way things are done.

My great concern is that the system we know no longer has the influence it once had. Locally & nationally. So, instead of seeing councillors & mayors as major change makers & advocates for the interests of the people – I suggest we we would be best to see that these people are your closest personal connection to existing corporate societal systems.

It is the grass roots movement & links to resources that need to be focused on.
Rather than just giving more power to the globalised world we are seeing emerge – it makes more sense to link together as strongly as possible; to build new systems & services from the ground we are standing on.

What do you want your life to look like? What are your personal priorities? What are your needs?

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