Creative Paradigm

[ Be + See + Do ]

+ The people of Southland think innovatively
+ We have ideas
+ We make a difference

+ We enhance our own community
+ We supply to the world

Stevey believes in:

Visualising the future, designing & creating it. He wants to see ordinary people more empowered to action ideas

Your personal ideas & heart’s desires are worth listening to.

Others may question or discourage you, or even tell you that you are not good enough.

You are enough.

When you pursue a cause, some harsh critics will tell you that you are not qualified enough – not successful enough, that you do not have the required experience, or you don’t understand enough about how current systems work.

Others may say that you are not influential enough in your community, or not wealthy, that you do not have the proven track record they expect. Or, you are too young, too old, not good looking enough; you are not what they expected! They will question whether they trust you, or should believe in you.

You are enough, and your creative ideas are worthwhile.

Step out. Do what you are good at. Be a leader. Empower others to grow their ideas.

Understand what others need, build solutions. Empower others. Take creative action.

Please encourage others.

Go for the life you really want!

= Be solutions focused.
= Believe in people.
= Be optimistic.
= See ways forward for our world.

Embrace the moment. Speak hope for our future. Step out & do what you imagine is possible. Contribute to and support the vision of others. Improve a situation. ‘Plunge in’.

Move beyond providing basic survival. Believe in people. Empower those you care about; to know their value and live their true identity, in freedom, with significance, feeling the love, belonging & having fun.