Building a resilient, fully functional localised economy

A localised economy is one that builds & encourages local production, & trading within our own district.

It is where we deliberately set up a diverse range of services & create products which belong in our own region.We use our own local resources, & employ local people, we combine resources sourced within our own land & create the best solutions we can. It is an innovative approach to living that is not reliant on international trade agreements. Local trade means living in an area, & being okay with sourcing what we need from close by.

We need to build a Southern New Zealand; where food, clothes, shelter, and energy will be distributed well within our own part of the world.

Murihiku is an area in New Zealand that has a pioneering history, & it is time to pool together again & make best use of the opportunities we have.

We don’t need to be overly dependant on human labour & local skills. We can embrace technology, including robots, & bring in outside experts. But the point of the shift in focus is to have Murihiku owned businesses that can provide directly to our own people, as well as be in abundance for export.

Building a resilient, fully functional Southern New Zealand is not a new concept for us. Our people have always known how to make best use of resources, & to offer an abundance of high quality services.
For example: Our gross domestic product income & product export sizes. The South is an abundant land with creative & hard working, clued-up people in it..