Govt & Regional Decision Making

More authority needs to be allocated to local people.

Councillors who are assigned to represent the public don’t currently have enough influence on the work carried out by council. New Zealand’s government has introduced a concept called ‘Local Democracy’, which appears to indicate that local bodies have power to make decisions. But, overarching government legislations, controls, financial provision & services provided are overbearing, & provide little scope for innovation.
One great way to address this is by adding creative input from Councillors constructed in collaboration with members of the public. Making ‘submissions’ isn’t enough.  

More plans need to be created & actioned by the local people. This can best be empowered by council, with a shift in focus from ‘regulatory services’ to ‘non-regulatory services’, which means resourcing, encouraging & empowering the public (rather than relying fully on legislation & control to oversee work done).