Invercargill’s Biggest Issue

The major issue facing Invercargill & what we should do about it:
Our biggest issue is that Invercargill’s people are unaware of how incredibly awesome & talented we are. Although, we do understand what we are capable of on some levels – we have lost perspective on what is possible here. Invercargill city service providers & the surrounding lands have traditionally been recognised as some of the most productive in the world, we have been seen as New Zealand’s most financially empowered place; a stable people with the lowest debt. Southerners have been known as innovative, inventors, pioneers & dynamic personalities who create new products. But we have lost some perspective. 

We need to step into being blissfully idealistic, exploring interesting ideas, & to continue prizing morality. My vision is to build resilient, fun local community. I am focused on shifting our vibe & setting up a brighter future in the South where individuals feel empowered & have the resources needed to go well.

It is time to embrace determination, intuition and inspiration again.