Stevey’s Connection to Invercargill

As a Mayor Candidate, I have insight into Invercargill City’s potential & advantages that others may not see.

Steve Chernishov Invercargill mayoral candidate
I was born & raised in Invercargill, attending Salford Primary, Rosedale Intermediate & James Hargest High School.

I have worked in and around Invercargill for much of my adult life as a secondary school teacher. My teaching specialisation is in Digital Technologies. I have also taught Food Technology, Workshop Technology & Graphics. I have renovated several houses throughout Invercargill.

The most fun I have had in Invercargill was running a successful AirBnB, and renting rooms on to travellers. Through tourism I learned that Invercargill City is in a great position; being a main route from Dunedin, with the famous Catlins, Stewart Island, Riverton, the rustic South Coast, & indirectly to Te Anau, &/or Central Otago. Many adventurous travellers would visit Invercargill. I enjoyed hosting hundreds of guests & talking with them provided in-depth understandings of the attractions, positive points, but also negative perceptions of Invercargill City.

A strong theme that came across is that we are a centre with massive potential for vibrancy, yet we have more work to do..