Stevey’s Connection to Mararoa Waimea 

As a Southland District Councillor I will be most keen to connect locals with fresh opportunities.

I have Scottish family heritage dating back 163 years in Northern Southland. Coming from a pioneering background, I am a direct descendent of D.A. Cameron, who founded Nokomai Station – a historic station nestled in the Mountains of Northern Southland. Cameron was one of the first European men to explore the region, making his way through to Lake Wakatipu, where he also purchased Closeburn station, near Queenstown.

My family brought the first sheep into Southland in 1859 (imported from Australia & driven by foot to from Bluff’s port). Gold was discovered in Nokomai in 1862, and the lower Nokomai valley grew the most fast paced town in Southland into the 1870s which had grocery shops, two banks, a school, a library, and a resident doctor. My descendants witnesses the beginnings of a thriving Northern Southland, and although the region has had several setbacks, our history has proven that we have the resources to thrive. 

I became a land owner in Lumsden in 2013, & have since enjoyed seeing the area develop; attracting new people, establishing vibrant services, and bringing visitors. I have worked with local community businesses on several building projects in Lumsden. My link to the area is one that feels like that of a pioneer; most of my time spent in Northern Southland has been used developing ideas. I am passionate about small buildings, & the process of ideation. I have experienced immense productivity working online also, & am particularly grateful for the fast internet that our district has adopted.

Fast internet, new infrastructure and our central position in the South will be significant factors bringing vibrant growth.