A lot of people have asked about my motivations for standing for election this October 2022


I am a design thinker. I am working on building heaven on earth.
My home is the South of New Zealand & I belong here.
I see the need for people to connect together more strongly throughout South.

I have stood for local body elections twice, for Mayor & Councillor in 2019, and for Invercargill City Councillor in 2016. This is not new for me.

I am from the South.
I know that strongly.
I belong here in the Southern New Zealand.

This place is my heritage, my now & our future.
This is the adventure land, the place of great food, fun & freedom.
We have massive potential.

Centralisation is a big focus now in government.
But I am here to promote local resilience from the grass roots, to strengthen community, & to encourage us to have character; share our resources & help each other.

My vision is to encourage us to bring out our gifts, talents, passions & embrace opportunities – to raise up the best in people; to encourage & motivate each of us to engage & care.


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