Stevey Chernishov

We each individually, as family & tight knit groups need to prepare for ‘emergency response’ & take measures within our own personal means to build a more resilient, clean & sustainable life in the South.

Having government policy aligning with the UN that leads to massive enforced action which involves spending many hundreds of millions of dollars only points to reluctantly following exterior agendas & this approach leads to ‘population control’.

We need local strategy & unified vision, projects that help us to make use of waste locally (reuse/recycle initiatives) rather than legislation, control & enforced policies.

It’s great to listen to the advice of exterior organisations & have unified vision, but at the end of the day we need more personal responsibly & local systems in place to ensure that our planet can be cleaned up & products created out of waste wherever possible.

This would mean for example:
– Getting a unified vision in the region on which coloured bottle to bring in (choose one of clear, green or brown) & each bottling plant humours our order in the South
– Glass crushers in every second town
– Businesses that use crushed glass to make products

– Small scale plastic reuse & recycling plants that make products from our wheely bin waste.
– We make products that help us to need to bring in less waste producing products from outside with the target of having a more circular & locally profitable economy where products & packaging are produced in the South.

– Cardboard products (more than just millions of boxes as we currently make in Invercargill)

– Local Invercargill metal melting & moulding manufacturing mechanisms.

Privately owned businesses that do this & show allegiance to the South & building our economy as well as capacity to be more environmentally friendly is essential. Owners of businesses wanting stakes in our region should more to the South & stay here to run businesses here.