Our Way Forward

The South is going to need an alternative focus, moving forward from here. Sharing great ideas & strategies to make them happen will be a significant part of our community shift. We need an alternative focus, so Southern people can more easily develop what is best for the people.

We lack vibrant community services & activities. Our people are not sufficiently empowered to action their own own ideas.

  • Our city has potential to feel like a great place to live & visit. 
  • We do attempt to run events and services for the well-being of community. 

But the city does not feel fully alive. Many people, both locals & visitors say that they city lacks vibe, fun & activities. They say that we have wonderful local beauty, but it is hard to enjoy it, because the events & services on offer do not feel like they are run well. We lack innovative leaders.

What we need is to empower the community. 

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