Positive Aspects of Invercargill

Positive aspects of life in Invercargill and what can be done to enhance them:
Invercargill is a centre full of inventors, engineers, creatives, adventurers & fabulous talent. To truly enhance our position, we need to build our local identity, resources, enterprising networks & cultural backing so individuals can thrive with ideas.
Invercargill needs to rebrand in a way that truly resonates with our people & the outside world. Alongside this, we must focus on creating new opportunities for local people to exhibit & make best use of their talent.
Invercargill is a major service provider to the surrounding district & Central Otago. The businesses & services offered in Invercargill are foundational for surrounding regional growth. We need to work together to build new ways forward for Murihiku. This is going to require a shift in the way we exhibit ourselves – so individuals can truly share their gifts & talents within the community.