Stevey’s Bio

My name is Stevey Chernishov. I am interested in people, activating ideas, technology, small scale manufacturing, walking & cycling. I a fully registered secondary school school teacher.

The position I personally come from:
I was born & raised in Invercargill, then straight after completing school moved to Dunedin, to study a Bachelor of Education (Technology) at the University of Otago College of Education, at which time I was also employed by the College as a computer tutor on campus. While studying teaching, I discovered that I have a deep passion for visual communication & design. My studies and job involved teaching other students, but also learning how to present information effectively through computer software. I did not complete my teaching studies at this time!

Between the years 2001 – 2003 I got fully immersed in a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Visual Culture, with a strong focus on film studies and design. Following that I immediately started my own media company in Dunedin, and within six months was working in the University of Otago Department of Marketing, and contracting to local Dunedin businesses. Within one year, my company had an employee and was absolutely hooked on working with innovative people, presenting ideas using design, media & the web.

In 2009 I completed a Dip Grad in Teaching (Technology), at the University of Otago. I also completed a Dip Grad in Anthropology between 2008 – 2012, studying social research methods.

In my ten years of living in Dunedin I contracted to six departments at the University of Otago, creating educational resources used for marketing, lectures and the library. I also worked with numerous companies, local television and organisations such as the Otago Museum. While in Dunedin, for five years I volunteered as a DJ radio host at Radio One 91FM, voicing shows & adverts.

Throughout my adult life I have worked with my family in property investment, and we bought, renovated, rented, and sold properties. As a family, we developed and managed an accommodation boarding house in Queenstown. It was a major project which I was key in, & took several years to build up.

I have worked in secondary schools every year since 2011, working as a Digital Technologies Teacher (2011, Food Technology Teacher (2015), Hard Materials Teacher (2018), Digital Technologies, Graphics, & Hard Materials (2019), & Digital Technologies Teacher (2021). I currently work at Aurora College in Invercargill.

As you can see, I have had a very colourful and interesting life to date, managing my design profession, investing in houses alongside my family, and have passionately completed blocks of school teaching. My life has been extremely full and interesting.

My passion for design, visual communication & developing educational resources, business & community has led me to a strong conviction that cities & regions need our unity and action. Together we can resource bew ideas.

I want to see that anyone who wants to start a business, community service, enhance a property or building project, or run a local attraction that serves the best interests of our people should be supported by the community.

My vision is to empower people – to build growing a vibrant community, which involves people from all walks of life.

I would call myself a technology specialist who is fully relevant & active in the real world through business & community. I have learned to connect with people & aim to open pathways for each of us to do well.

I have strong drive, integrity & courage.

But more than anything I believe in others.

What I want to see is this region thriving, & known as a fun, interesting, cultured, exciting place to live. Our region can certainly set the scene for success, and I’m certain our people have the resilience to bring it on..


Stevey Chernishov