Strategic Plan

We need to unite together as people, moving in creativity with ‘positive action’. We must ground ourselves with hope & action visionary ideas. We will make far more out of our future by being visionary and creating solutions than letting a top town society shuffle us into pre-defined roles.

It is time to accelerate into a new movement, where people reach out to inspire each other on a local level; then do something together – with massive & locally empowering ideas in mind – no matter how humble the beginning is..

Strategic Discussion Points for the South:

Community engagement

01./ Southland Councils should embrace Community Education, moving beyond regulation & control to resourcing the public.

02./ Every identifiable part of the community, & individuals can develop because there are support systems to reward those taking positive action.

03./ Prioritise innovation; supporting the establishment of innovation hubs, community living environments, & local manufacturing.

Housing & planning

04./ Promote & establish non-regulatory services in the form of resources, support systems & advisors that can guide developments in all areas.

05./ Develop ways to solve our housing & debt crisis using small buildings, which anyone from any walk of life can own & live in.

06./ Challenge overly complicated legislation & controls, & look for ways to make changes in local government more understandable & accessible.

Jobs & economy

07./ Promote social enterprise, the development of technology & micro-manufacturing businesses.

08./ Build networks for accessing local resources; so products & services offered within own region will be accessible to people in the South.

09./ Creates pathways for thousands of new small buildings to be created in Southland, to be owned by Southlanders.

Recreation & culture

10./ Create well presented, clear, easy to follow resources & processes for starting up new enterprises, attractions & services.

11./ Build our local public image, & facilities that reflect our desired image – encouraging fun, exciting, & dynamic vibes.

12./ Promote the South as a unified natural outdoor & indoor adventure playground.


13./ We will design what Invercargill looks like in 50 years time, relationally, functionality, environmentally & aesthetically.

14./ Consult with communities to plan each suburb; where we have a medium – long term vision for how movement throughout the entire city works.

15./ We will travel towards building what is best for communities as a whole – any identifiable part of a community, and the individuals.

Utilities & services

16./ Use visionary thinking to identify how we want each centre to function, & the services required to build the vision.

17./ Evaluate the way drinking water is treated, & seek ‘alternative consultation’ on how to offer the healthiest possible drinking water.

18./ Work more closely with schools, companies & organisations to deliberately sort rubbish for innovative recycling & localised reuse


19./ Use social anthropology research methods & technology to gauge public opinions & views – to best inform developments & actually represent.

20./ Present information & ideas back to the public; to ensure that meaningful two way engagement is taking place.

21./ Involve locals in consultation, development, & recommendations for development. Especially retired specialists with loyalty to the South.

Climate change & resilience

22./ Empower Southlanders to develop innovative, sustainable work & lifestyle practices.

23./ Increase each individual’s capacity to prepare for emergencies, including the storage of water, access to food & essential facilities.

24./ Build networks for accessing local resources; so products & services offered within own region will be accessible to people in the South.


25./ New waste management strategies to screen products brought into the region. e.g. Only buying bottles of one colour, to enhance re-usability.

26./ New waste management strategies to reuse waste locally, building relationships in community for micro-manufacturing using waste.

27./ Work with food growers in the region, empowering them to diversify their food product range & distribute portions locally.

Rates and revenue

28./ Thoroughly analyse infrastructure upgrade spending, including contractor rates.

29./ Look for ways to decrease debt incurred over recent years of development.

30./ Conduct research – searching for efficient methods of replacing aged Invercargill City water supply pipes, sewerage & storm water systems.

We are talking about a creative movement which brings people together in unity to actively solve local & global needs.
It disrupts misaligned social norms, markets, & mainstream ways by focusing on solving local and global issues.

Our movement in the South will bring new ways to do life and get jobs done. The mission is to come together to provide alternative ways of living. Key components in this are freedom and creativity. People need freedom to move, be inspired, and develop what they choose.

Being united in positive action is key! Creation can happen on any scale. Action in the creation movement spirit could be the power of two people working together in harmony, four people actively developing what they envisage..or an entire region uniting together for a cause!


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