Threats to New Zealand

Having been asked this week about what I consider to be the biggest threats to New Zealand at present…

Our biggest threat is being too serious, fearful & worried about our health.

Since the world is changing so fast lately, a major concern is the true wellbeing of people. Not just medical – but depression, anxiety, oppression, confusion, isolation, malnutrition, the quality of housing, & the housing of quality visionary ideas in parliament.

Unfortunately, economics; the income of people & the cost of living has a massive impact on all people from all walks of life. These are under strain. Service providers, consumers, & support systems all appear to be under strain as we respond to a shifts in focus & with further economic downturn forecasted.

LINK: New Zealand’s growth forecast to stall completely in 2023 – RNZ

New Zealand has something unique to offer. We need to prepare for challenging times over the next few years, but be visionary & take action to create the best way forward.

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