Why am I Standing for Three Councils?

I am offering to build collaborative links between Central Otago, Southland District, & Invercargill.

It is my view that each area can benefit from having one local representative who is able to connect directly with the people & contribute to Council decision making with the view to build a resilient localised economy.

I am running for Invercargill City Mayor, Southland District Councillor & Queenstown Lakes District Councillor simultaneously with the intention of attending all meetings & building a collaborative link between Invercargill (our largest centre), our regions throughout the South, & Central Otago.

My Connection to Invercargill
My Connection to Mararoa Waimea
My Connection to Queenstown

A lot of people have openly criticised me for standing for three Councils simultaneously, which would strengthen my capacity to connect more strongly with people & affect developments all over Southern New Zealand, from Invercargill throughout rural Southland & into Central Otago.

My offering to the public is not one of greed, but rather a very uncomfortable undertaking which has been put forward in response to a government & increasingly globalised world who is looking for ways to centralise services & have more say over how every day people run their lives.

Instead of joining them, I am looking for ways to empower the very people that are being subjected to massive changes – from the grassroots up, by the people for the people. I’m looking for ways to unite & empower ordinary people.

Transforming our world for the better can be best done by us.

We need to decide what we want & to develop it. It’s kind of simple. We must encourage each other to have the faith & guts to go for what we really want. This will involve reallocating resources, connecting together, thinking about each other’s needs, developing & sharing locally, drawing on knowledge.

Having love & integrity first, this is where local body representatives need to be at.

I just give a rip & am not afraid to get uncomfortable if it means crafting out a way forward for you & us. This matters. It actually matters because we matter.

You are here for a reason – that is what I am sure of. You are breathing & alive for a reason. Everyone of us has a purpose for being here; & if we don’t know what it is then we need to look beyond our limited self understanding & see the light shining then walk toward it..

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