Three Waters

Three waters has logistical & priority issues – it massively in-debts each region without a solid promise of being able to provide the solutions we need.

I have a problem with our water being taken & managed by a new corporate entity, which is run by a closed circle of insiders – an entity that potentially could be sold off in the future.

At the base of it – local body assets would be cheaply sold/shifted & rented straight back to their previous owners, to decentralised services that promise efficiency but likely cannot efficiently address the fact that Invercargill needs the replacement of over 400km of underground drainage, sewerage & water pipes (which is aging 100+ years now).

Hawea is the fastest growing residential area in our ‘zone’ with major infrastructure needed. Other smaller centres may not be able to get the workforce to update & expand their services.

Water services should not be repositioned as planned. This is a big conundrum.

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