I have been asked about my views on vaccination & Covid-19

I am not a wellbeing expert, but would like to acknowledge that our bodies aren’t just reliant on pharmaceutical products.
Before I talk about vaccination, I feel to encourage everyone to eat spicy food, consider ways to increase vitamins, fibre, & nutrition we take in. I advocate for fun, fresh air, exercise & adventure. I encourage humanity to go on a spiritual journey & seek out how to be more amazing & resilient. Remember that pharmacy products come from the earth in some form – they are originally abstracted from foods & minerals.
Ok, now – the vaccination question. Science is great! Scientists can create amazing technology, & there is an immense amount of knowledge out there. Many industrial & medical breakthroughs, research & manufacturing, & product distribution are cutting edge.
The problem I have is that masks & vaccines are heavily promoted, yet the media & government seems to lack in general health & wellbeing guidance. In my own community I have seen a massive increase in anxiety & stress. But yet, I have also met a lot of people who have been exposed to Covid-19 without vaccination & yet remain strong without facing serious illness. Natural immunity is real; with exposure I have met people of all ages who are fine.
Food supplements & eating foods that are in season; foods which we can trace the origins of, & which we understand the manufacturing processes behind, whole foods, foods which the liver can process easily. Healthy living, community & fun to me are more important than medical interventions.
Natural products will continue to be extremely important in feeding our bodies. Some people might laugh at my recommendation, but I hope that we can all figure out how to have less toxins & more nutrition, less stress & more fun, less fear & more enlightenment. Instead of feeling dark, more feelings of light & love.
Being spiritually aware of God & love is having light shining inside of us. It is knowing that we have true value, more of what we are capable of, seeing beyond human limits. We all have a start, an end & a purpose on this earth – & I’m not convinced that vaccination will be the best fix for many of us.

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