We the local people have the best ideas, the strongest understanding of what matters to us, & perspective to press through into a brighter future..

Kia ora,

The Southern part of New Zealand is known by Māori as ‘Murihiku‘.
‘The name “Murihiku”, meaning “the tail end of the land”, was applied by the Maoris to the southern part of the South Island. In more recent times it was the name given to a large tract of native land in those parts which was purchased for the Crown on 17 August 1853 by W. B. D. Mantell.The Murihiku Block consisted of all the territory lying to the south of Kemp’s purchase and the Otago Block and was estimated to contain 6,900,000 acres. Its boundaries, as specified in the deed of sale were: From Milford Haven (now Milford Sound) or Wakatipu in Kemp’s deed and Piopiotahi to the Maoris, to Kaihiku (near Waiwera)…’
(SOURCE: Encyclopaedia of New Zealand, McLintock, 1966)

The vision behind this site is to bring people together from all over the South of Aotearoa.

This a project that aims to create tighter networks between the various lower Southern areas.

It’s time to build a resilient, localised, Southern New Zealand economy.

It’s time to rise up within ourselves, & feel the joy.

It’s time to visualise, design & action great ideas. We have everything it takes within the South to truly thrive!

It is time to raise up Murihiku, because we have our own dynamic, beautiful culture, resources & everything it takes to go well!!



Design is a valuable process that needs to be strongly implemented into local decision making.

Design thinking is essential for making best use of resources, & coming up with relevant solutions.

It is time for vision building, designing , & actioning new ways forward.

We need to improve the process of investigation, planning, creating & reviewing.

It is time to be inspired.
Let’s be shining people!!

Let’s embrace our heritage, & spur each other on to build the strongest possible future from here.
A region run locally, by the people who live here.

Let’s develop creative ideas & strategies to the people of our region, so our people will be empowered to shine even brighter.

This means initiating brilliantly within community.