What we will do

Together we will get creative, develop ideas, action & sustain them. We need to embrace integrity, traditional values, creative thinking, brilliant ideas. & rational economics. Of course – we will embrace the future, science, technology, & new ways of seeing.

In the South, we do what makes well grounded sense.

The next stage of our development needs to be a creative movement; involving design thinking, decision making, & collaborative action.
They start by uniting a group of people together who agree to solve an issue.
A creation movement can operate informally or through an established organisation. Each initiative starts by solving a need using the resources available. The movement first develops phase by phase within a community.

Stevey would like to see us planning our region’s finances more carefully, & refraining from large borrowings to undertake initiatives – with no real perspective on how this will affect future generations & short term living.

Believe this:

People of the South are in the process of creating a new movement. We have already recognised how our situation needs to be improved. We have identified problems & are fully capable of fixing them..

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