Alternative City Centre Project Plans & Costing

Now is the time for Invercargill to act innovatively in response to restrictions on commercial movement and removable of iconic Invercargill businesses, buildings and services. Invercargill & greater Southland are in a strong position to offer eco-friendly living, stylised sustainable facilities, and urban development designed for localised economics.

Instead of building one giant mall, we should erect purpose built spaces that have guaranteed usefulness. I encourage the stage-by-stage development of eclectic city centre spaces and a diverse, interesting inner city space.

What we need to do now is attract interest from across the country from innovative, 21st Century thinkers and fund our project work through developers, rather than weighing down Invercargill city ratepayers. Invercargill can offer boutique retail, eatery venues that offer sustainable facilities to service providers, and inner city living that has the flavor or Southland.

Let’s not adhere to the one original plan. The current and future needs of Invercargill are only going to be met with an innovative and attractive approach that resonates with our people, and attracts investment.

It is not too late to invite a public architectural design competition for Invercargill’s centre city developments. Now is the time to obtain a range of design options for open comparison / consideration by Southlanders and the wider world of observers. This will help to stimulate public interest in this important project. There are several well established businesses that were unable to relocate, which could have a perfect fit in the new environment under the right conditions. Invercargill based local service providers, must be our priority for this coming era. We need localised service providers who strengthen a cyclic economy, increasing local prosperity.

To stay true to our Southern values, showing a clean and green, innovative people – alternative architectural designs, building frontage and fit-out options need to be proposed. Fresh decision making is essential considering economic challenges presented to the world in recent months.

It is not too late for Invercargill to think and act progressively. We can deliver a significant number of public good outcomes / benefits; a city centre that hosts and shows the values of our people, along with commercial considerations.