Climate Change

Emergency Management in Southland. Drought, flooding, earthquake, extreme winds, pollution, waste services, industrial waste, reuse & recycling. There are massive issues to deal with.

It appears that the media, & political broadcasts are too focused on economic growth through borrowed funds, reinventing the food and agriculture sector by limiting farmers, food distributors & other agricultural services through legislation & control.

The government’s focus appears to be narrow minded, & tunnel vision with government services, medicine & calling on international partners to introduce new services.

Instead of learning from history, & encouraging community engagement with creativity, the revised education system seems to be more focused on thinking that quality education is the foundation means promoting UN strategies.

Although there is a time for rules, we would be better of focusing much more strongly on services, where we can develop resources & services that empower all sectors for growth.


+ New waste management strategies to reuse waste locally, building relationships in community for micro-manufacturing using waste.

+ Work with food growers in the region, convincing them to diversify their food product range & distribute portions locally.


+ Empower Southlanders to develop innovative, sustainable work & lifestyle practices.

+ Increase our capacity to prepare for emergencies, including the storage of water in the city, access to food & basic facilities.

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