Resilience: Empowering Farmers & Local Food Distribution

Southerners need to build localised food distribution. Rural Southland has the capacity to feed millions of people, yet we are overly reliant on the supermarket industry.

Not many people understand the implications of this economically, nor how food distribution works. Supermarket food comes through international trade arrangements, & a lot our local products go oversees – we get the lower quality produce & meat.

Why don’t we sell it locally? Wouldn’t it be fair for Southerners to have access to the best quality food products & at good price?

Resilient local food systems are also important for the future of our farmers. Farmers need to be more directly trading, & be able to oversee the price of their products & volumes.

To pull this off, we need a unified plan – whereby the people work together better.

Let’s talk about ‘Soclal Enterprise’ rather than capitalism & socialism. Let’s talk about food.