Stevey’s Connection to Queenstown

As a QLD Councillor I will provide a highly informed & insightful perspective.

I have spent a significant amount of time in Queenstown every year since birth. Throughout my childhood, our family holidayed in Arrowtown, and I have very much enjoyed tramping, rabbit hunting, snowboarding and mountain biking in the area. Meeting new people in the Lakes District has always been easy, and I have greatly appreciated the openness that many people have shared.

Queenstown is extremely familiar to me. I have lived & in Queenstown for blocks of time, with involvement in developing and running a family owned accomodation service. It has been interesting to see the region develop through the 80s, 90s, & up until today. I have worked as a Technology teacher at Wakatipu High School, & done property maintenance throughout the area – particularly in Dalefield. I have the best interests of the Lakes District at heart, and will not hesitate to further strengthen my links to the region.

Having in & around our region thoroughly, I know Queenstown & Central Otago extremely well. I have most enjoyed meeting new people, & look forward to connecting more.

Neighbouring Dunedin

I studied at Otago University & worked in Dunedin for 10 years. This is where I completed a Bachelor of Education majoring in Visual Culture, Dip Grad in Teaching majoring in Technology, & Dip Grad in Social Anthropology. I worked as an employee of & contractor to Otago University, and have also been heavily involved in the business startup scene. I learned the art of filming, digital video editing, design & web development in Dunedin.

I have a strong interest in visual communication, and have worked in film production, design/branding, & web development throughout Otago – mainly through my own company. My media company was called Surface Productions Limited [now renamed PANBAM Limited], which was incorporated in 2004.