Stevey is hosting ‘Building Week’ in Lumsden from November 9th-17th


Come & learn how to create a ‘small building’ using timber framed house building techniques.
Learn to use tools, measure & create what you want on a budget. Building week guests can live onsite throughout the time. This is a no pressure environment (naps encouraged).

‘Building Week’ is a relaxed but hands-on setting to quickly & effectively learn about building, & how to do it within your means!

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Or text/phone Stevey: 0204444221

ENTRY: Free – Koha goes towards food & power bill

Life is challenging most of us, as living expenses go up & pressures increase. It appears that ‘the powers that shouldn’t be’ want to divide families. We face utopian plans to have masses living in centre city high rise developments. Some changes we face don’t appeal.

So, Solutions are presenting the alternative. We are finding keys that can provide epic living setups!

You can use this experience to gain new insight & skills, then expand on your existing home setup with a small building in your yard. You could bring family & friends to live with you, or create a whole new site!

Expand your capacity to weather economic storms; strengthen your links with others, & learn to create.

OFFER: Come to ‘Building Week’ in Lumsden; where you can have hands on experience in how to create a small building from a stack of timber, building materials & using industrial waste. Stevey is hosting this event in Lumsden for 8 days. In this time we will aim to stand five buildings up!

Would you like to learn to create a small building on a tight budget? Would you like to learn how to build.

You are welcome to building week

You will learn:

  • How to install double glazed windows

  • How to build a roof

  • Cladding

  • Detailing; such as installing a door, laying carpet, electrical cabling, & more

Times are changing & we are in a transition – from the familiar world once known, into the world we are creating.

Register now for this fabulicious event

NOTE: Koha goes towards food & power bill


NOTICE: Stevey & friends have enjoyed six of these ‘Building Week’ events, over the past 8 years & they are fun – with good food food, great company, & engaging time of creative & logical work. There will be a registered builder onsite to oversee the project & provide instruction. There will be daily safety briefings, & the opportunity to actively get involved. So you can go home & build one yourself! You could even TAKE AWAY one of the buildings that we create onsite! The buidlings will have floor sizes of between 18 square metres – 25 square metres.