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Stevey Chernishov:
As a child I spent many thousands of hours tinkering – with a focus on understanding how the things work, & alternative ways to solve problems.
In the beginning, my attempts to create new solutions were engineering focused; as Dad had a rather large workshop full of tools, nuts & bolts, steel, mechanical machining gadgets, etc.

As time went on I felt inspired by the idea of research & inquiry; questioning & experimenting, design..
Building & finishing skateboards, bicycles, trolleys, & objects with creative flair turned into attempting to realise ideals, present ideas, or ideologies.
I became fascinated with visual communication, graphic design, formal drawing, modelling, computers, business & enterprise.

The mysterious journey really drew me in when teachers encouraged me to ask questions, investigate agendas, look into history & see possibilities with complete openness.
University studies pulled me in even further – not just to building understanding, or moving beyond mainstream thinking – but to take action, trial ideas & to find ways to truly impact our world for the better..

I am strongly convinced that Southern New Zealand is a setting for developing new solutions the whole world needs. Southland is the place where we can solve any problem.
So I am posting on here to encourage you to find your true identity & purpose [even among the cloudy busy life that others try to present].

I want you to believe that you are significant, & live like it. See yourself as God’s creative masterpiece. Then create. You can.



Southland District


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